Candle Accessories

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Our candle accessories include everything you need to take care of your candles, curated in a beautiful glass tray.  The clear textured tray has gold edges and measures 11" long by 7" wide.  Included are the accessories that a candle lover must have.  As you entinguish your candle, instead of blowing it out which creates smoke, use the curved tool called a dipper.  Use the tool to dip the wick into the wax pool and then stand the wick up.  Before you light your candle for the next burn, use the wick trimmers to trim the wick to 1/4".  This helps your candle burn cleaner and longer.  Light your candle with the arc lighter.  The arc lighter is electric and is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.  Recharge by simply plugging the arc lighter into any powered USB port with the included Micro USB cable.  Paired with an EKKO  Candle, sold separately, this makes a wonderful and unique gift.