Back to School Scent

Although going back to school looks very different for so many this year, it is still important to celebrate the amazing students in your life! Last year I set out to create a scent that evokes the essence of a successful student that has worked so hard for their achievements. No matter the milestone, all students deserve a little celebration!

Graduating, intense testing, all the day-to-day hard work... students undergo so much pressure. I remember all of my late nights spent studying, and I would always light a candle to sooth and inspire me; which is exactly what EKKO's Successful Student is all about. This hand-poured, 100% soy wax candle features a blend of light musk, brushed suede, and dark leather, mixed with notes of toasted oak and vanilla. My idea behind this scent was for it to "smell like hard-earned money in a new leather wallet"; I mean, what better motivation can a student have than working hard to get the career and the money they want!

I have worked with students on middle school and high school levels for years now, as well as watched my own sons work hard through school. With things being so different and crazy this year, I encourage you to love on the students in your life even more! And I can't think of a better way than by gifting them the Successful Student candle by EKKO Candle Co.!


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