Back to the Basics: Bespoke Collection

I have always believed in finding beauty in the simple, a trait I get from my mother. She made even the smallest of things beautiful, even if it was picking flowers from the garden and arranging them in a jelly jar so the dinner table would look nice. A year and a half ago I set out to create a collection that embodied this belief, and so the Bespoke Collection was born.

The definition of bespoke is "custom-made", and our EKKO collection is just that. Of the different candles in the Bespoke Collection, you will have the opportunity to choose your container, its size, and the scent you wish for a handful of them. This will ensure you that the candle you select will be just perfect for your home.

The Bespoke Collection contains new candles every season, so click HERE to shop our current Bespoke selection. Whether your interior style is funky and your scent preference is fruity, or your home is more modern and you prefer a manlier aroma, there is truly something for everyone!




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