Behind the Scenes of EKKO

While the finished product of an EKKO candle is nothing short of beautiful, the process can be a bit unstructured and unpredictable, but oh so fun.

The first step is always drawing inspiration; from my roots, my love of Tennessee, or even a scent that has made me feel something. From here, the testing process begins! This part may not be the easiest, but it is the most rewarding. In order to assure the candles I produce are exactly as I envision, I spend hours upon hours in the EKKO studio in Nashville mixing scents, pouring them and burning them until I find that perfect mixture. Next comes deciding the name. This part usually comes very natural as I draw a name from the original inspiration, but when in doubt, I have a great group of ladies to bounce ideas off of.

Once this is decided, the pouring process begins. The team of EKKO women hand-pour each candle to perfection, so we know just how wonderful it will look and smell in its new home. Thank you for those who support this dreamer and her little business! It means the world. ✨




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