Candle of the Month: hau'oli

For quite a while now I have been wanting to feature a Candle of the Month. This candle would not be a part of one of the EKKO collections, but rather would be an exclusive scent created in limited quantities for the EKKO lovers out there. So, for the first time, we are introducing the Candle of the Month!

Knowing June was going to be the first month we launched this, I wanted a scent that perfectly embodies this sweet time of year where the weather warms up, the green starts flourishing, and there seems to be an ease in the air. "hau'oli" is the Hawaiian word for "happy", which I feel is a word we all cling to after this past year. Finding happiness in the small moments is what it is all about, and this scent was created to do just that. When I smell hau'oli in the air I think of Proverbs 10:28 which reads, "the hope of the righteous will be gladness". The carefully selected notes of this scent are the perfect blend of earthy and musky, yet sweet and balmy. It is an aroma you will come back to time and time again!

This is a scent that will make you stop, close your eyes, and inhale the goodness, reminding you of life's little moments. With only 24 total hau'oli candles being created, be sure to grab a few before they are sold out!




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