Candles for the Beach-Lovers

Are there any other beach lovers out there? The salty air, sandy toes, warm sun. I love it so much that I wanted to emulate those scents into multiple EKKO candles. So, if you're craving the beach but can't quite get there, these are for you!

I always want EKKO scents to be a unique take, so when I set out to create a coconut-inspired scent I knew it couldn't be just that. EKKO's Mahogany & Coconut is blend of sandalwood, mahogany wood, oak moss, and coconut that will instantly transport you to the most secluded and luxurious of beaches. This candle is great for anyone who loves the more robust, manlier scents, but the coconut gives it the perfect hint of sweetness!

The other amazing option for a beach-esque scent is one of EKKO's newest candles, Ocean Breeze! This fragrance marries salty ozone with fresh citrus, making it give off a light, breezy summer's day scent. With an uplifting lilt of violet and bottom notes of oak moss, this scent is complex and sophisticated.  While this candle has a lighter scent than the Mahogany & Coconut, it still fills the room with its warming aroma!

These two candles are the perfect summer birthday gift to your friends, or simply a treat for yourself, when you want to experience the relaxing scent of the beach at home. I must know... which of these two would you choose?


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