Debbie's Current Favorite: Rainwater

If your weather looks anything like Nashville's right now then it is all over the place. Warm days, snow days, we've got it all. I love observing the weather and how it affects the fragrance in the air. The snow smells crisp and clean, while on the sunny days you can smell spring starting to work its' magic. 

My favorite weather-related scent has always been that smell right after a rainstorm. The scent is that of freshness and warmth that I dreamed of emulating into an EKKO candle. Introducing, Rainwater.

This candle was the product of much trial and error. I wanted to make sure we touched each note just right. Rainwater is the perfect blend of orange, eucalyptus, patchouli, and ylang ylang. I wanted to specifically focus on what fresh rainwater in an aged water barrel exudes, and this scent hits the nail on the head. When I'm burning Rainwater, I'm reminded to find the beauty in all around me, even when the days are rainy.

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