Debbie's Current Favorite: Cottonwood Tree

If you grew up in rural Tennessee, chances are you have walked barefoot through a cottonwood grove. For those that are new around here, EKKO creates candles that create scents that give a sense of nostalgia; The "echoes" of your past. When creating the custom scent we like to call Cottonwood Tree, all I had to do was close my eyes and I was right back sitting under that shady cottonwood tree. 

I wanted to perfect the notes in each layer of this candle, so I started with the ground scent of sandalwood accents to incorporate the woodsy and warm feel. The top notes are that of cotton blossom, which perfectly rounds out the scent to fit its name, as well as citrus with light floral notes of rose and violet to create that light and airy aroma I was looking for.


This scent is perfect for this time of year, and even into the fall, so grab a Cottonwood Tree candle for yourself and your loved ones today!



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