Debbie's Current Favorite: Tonka Bean & Birch

Tonka Bean & Birch is one of our newest additions to the Original Collection. The Original Collection consists of scents that are classic and timeless, so when we choose to add on that is when you know it is a special scent!

Tonka Bean & Birch is such a great year-round scent because of the complex notes that go into creating it. With hints of eucalyptus, juniper, and mint, and a woody fusion of white birch, oak, cypress, and cedar, and in combination with tonka, cypress, and red currant, this scent will be a staple in your home. 


As we slowly move into the holiday season I know I am always looking for that perfect scent to gift friends who host holiday parties, birthday presents, teacher gifts, or even just a sweet happy to make someone's day, and let me tell you...this candle is perfect for all of those things! Available in both our 10 oz. and 16 oz., as well as in the White Tin and Tea Light Tin, grab yours now. We know you will love it.



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