Debbie's Current Favorite: White Fig

For years now our customers have requested a fig fragrance, so when I set out to create this scent I knew it had to be perfect. EKKO's take on a fig fragrance focuses on a white fig; The sweet fruit you can find on a ficus tree. I have fond memories of pulling white figs straight from the tree and enjoying the fruit all southern summer long. We are so happy to introduce you to White Fig!

EKKO's White Fig is a beautiful take on the delicious fruit. This candle is meant to elevate any space, while simultaneously taking you back to those childhood summer days. With a mixture of both woody and floral aromas, you will experience hints of sweet freesia, mild white florals, and ozone that open up to the sun-ripened fig, surrounded by light jasmine, cherry blossom, and notes of sweet green grass. This base notes of saffron, bamboo, and moss balance out White Fig. 

This scent has been burning on repeat in the EKKO Studio, and we are so excited to finally share with you! Shop White Fig now in both 10oz and 16oz options.



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