Debbie's Current Favorite: White Tin Candles

One product I have been anticipating releasing is the new White Tin candles! This 6.75 oz net weight candle is perfect for any room of your house with its simple and sleek design. When choosing candle containers I always try to envision my own home as well as my friends' homes. Would this candle work well throughout all of them? Would it blend with multiple interior styles? The White Tin checks all the boxes!

Available in 10 of EKKO's top scents, this candle is great for any and all occasions. Sure Love would be the perfect birthday gift to a loved one, Basil, Sage, and Mint would be the best "happy summer" gift for a friend, and Southern Home would work wonderfully as a Father's Day gift for a dad in your life.

EKKO Candle Co is all about providing candles that mean something, and these White Tins are a simply beautiful option to provide warmth and light to anyone who needs it, including yourself. I hope you love these new candles!




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