Debbie's Current Favorites

Choosing my favorite candle is almost nearly impossible, but there are two candles that I keep burning in both my home and studio so I can't help but share! Not only do these scents compliment each other, but the containers are also the perfect pair.

When I began developing the Bespoke Collection I knew I wanted to include the scents Verbena & Lemon and Lemon Lavender. While these two are some of EKKO's most popular scents, they also happened to be the ones I grab when I need a fresh smell in the kitchen as I'm cooking with garlic, or an energizing scent in my office as I feel my mind drifting. I'm currently loving burning Verbena & Lemon Dots and Lemon Lavender Stripes together because they are the perfect blend of clean, floral, and soothing. With bursts of lemon coming through both candles, the fruity notes of verbena, and the classic calming essence of lavender, I truly can't get enough!


The airy and refreshing notes all combine to make an aroma perfect for this time of year. Spring always has me in the mood for scents that remind me of "spring cleaning" in all areas of my life, and these two fit the bill. For the scents' containers I chose neutral, earthy tones with fun, interesting patterns so it is beautiful in any setting - on your bedside table, the back patio while the family grills out, or even your Work From Home office. These two candles are lighting up my days! What are your favorite candles right now?

Love and light,

Debbie DeJean 

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