EKKO Dough Bowl: The Heritage, Decor, and Beauty

I truly believe that candlelight can bring a sort of warmth, energy, and beauty into a room, even from just a glass container. However, I wanted to see if I could tie in my love of antique farmhouse interiors and classic EKKO scents... Introducing the Dough Bowl Candles.

In colonial times a wooden bowl was used for baking bread and waiting for it to rise. These bowls would be passed down through families and be an echo of the generation before. Like these bowls, EKKO too is inspired by traditions, family, and generations. When combining a dough bowl with the unique and homey EKKO scents, magic was made. 

After lots of trial and error I decided upon an eight-wick candle. It's flame burns bright and lights up the room, while the bowl is a beautiful decor piece. There is an EKKO dough bowl for everyone, available in 7 of your favorites scents: Bourboned Tobacco, Citrus & Mint, Country Roads, Gilt & Grace, Southern Home, New Year, and Tuscan Cedarwood.

I hope you adore the beautiful sight and glorious aroma these classic Dough Bowl candles will bring into your home. Now, which one will you choose?



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