EKKO Staff Picks: Debbie DeJean

My favorite picks are the ones that my staff and clients have worked with me to develop.  Designing unique fragrances that have meaning to those involved help keep me passionate about the process.  We try hundreds of combinations until we find the perfect balance. 

We’ve helped tell the story of the places lived before that Tennessee boy came back home, with beautiful names like Olive Hill Skies, Sewanee Fog, Harlem Roots, Trinidad Breeze and Nashville Bound.  Visit The Riley-Land Collection. We helped an engaged couple develop the fragrance for their wedding. Thank you, Ella and Blaze. Custom fragrances for boutiques, music artists, and client gifts have all helped in some small way to tell their stories,   promote their businesses and careers, and thank their customers and fans.

The EKKO scents all have a story behind them.  All of them are precious and meaningful to me.  I’ve never had to pick my favorites but would love to let you know what I’m burning this December 2021, as I’m reflecting on our four and a half years in business. 

Tonight, I’m burning Mountain Mint. Our love of botanicals led us to blend the fragrance of the mint plant that grows wild in the mountains, called Snow on the Mountain, and paired it with notes of Blue Spruce. We allowed for only ten fall, winter and holiday fragrances this year, but Susan and Lockhart felt strongly about this one which made eleven. It is one of my favorites!

In January I’ll burn New Year, a fragrance suggested by an Instagram follower who said she would love a fragrance that smelled like Dom Perignon Brut.  So, a mix of peach nectar, violet and toasted oak comprise this unique fragrance. Throughout the rest of the winter, my home will be filled with Frosted Pinecone, Appalachian Fir, and Winter Wonderland.

My other favorites inspired by memories and the gardener in me are:

Basil, Sage & Mint, and Lemon, Basil & Olive, which are both great for the kitchen;

Country Roads, Gilt & Grace, and Southern Home from memories of my childhood farm;

Sweetgrass & Dandelion, Tennessee Waltz, Tonka Bean & Birch and White Tea and Jasmine.

Thank you to our EKKO customers. Your reviews about great product, great fragrance and great customer service mean the world to us! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

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