EKKO Staff Picks: Lockhart + Christmas Wreath

Each week a member of the EKKO team will be sharing a little bit about themselves as well their favorite candle from the Fall, Winter, And Holiday Collection. Introducing, Lockhart!


Who doesn't love EKKO Candles? I have been working with Debbie, the founder and creative power of EKKO, since the beginning. I can tell you that every scent is specially blended by Debbie and her crew and I also love to help in developing the fragrances.  Christmas Wreath is my favorite because the scent echoes Christmas of the past for me. This year we enhanced the wonderful fir, pine and orange notes by adding a subtle spicy bouquet of clove and cinnamon with a lilt of sandalwood. The results are amazing and Christmas Wreath is my staff pick!

Shop Lockhart's favorite, Christmas Wreath, HERE.

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