EKKO Summer Collection

Crafting only three scents for a summer collection is not easy. I knew I wanted both Spring and Summer Collections to be smaller and more edited, so the scents had to cover all the bases. The scents were created so that customers can enjoy all three so having them complement each other was a must. Let's take a look at what came to fruition!


Did you know that bluebirds symbolize happiness and good luck? We can never have too much of those things! Bluebird Orchard is a lovely scent that I crafted to perfectly capture a day on Papa's farm, which is where this candle gets its' name. It is a blend of fresh honeysuckle, bergamot, fresh air accord, jasmine and rosebuds on a bed of green. If you’ve ever spent a summer in the Southern US, you’ll recognize this floral, honey-scented aroma, with a perfect lilt of fresh cut hay, grounded by woody and earthy notes. This is truly a trip to the farm without leaving home.


Peach Mojito is sure to be a customer favorite. This scent was inspired from a classic Peach Mojito drink and fuses notes of freshly muddled mint with the juicy flavor of a ripe summer white peach. Top notes of lime, mint and peach set the opening accord, followed by middle notes of jasmine and hibiscus, with a base of rum. This candle is just as refreshing and irresistible as the drink itself!


One of the best parts of spending your childhood summers on a farm is the freedom and joy you experience by simple things such as catching fireflies in a mason jar and watching them glow. This fragrance mixes orange and sage to provide a natural earthy quality. Lavender, eucalyptus, geranium and rose, which remind me of my grandmother’s flower garden, add a soft floral and herbal touch to the heart of this summertime scent.  At the base of the scent, top and middle notes blend with a woody tone to support the garden character.  It is like summer in a jar!

Which of these candles are speaking to you? All three are available to shop now!



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