July Candle of the Month: Summatime

Ahh, sweet summertime in Tennessee. I wanted July's Candle of the Month to perfectly embody what a southern summer is - the light citrus scent in the air, wet grass between your toes, a mason jar in hand while catching lightening bugs, a dessert with peaches and vanilla ice cream. This scene is the quintessential summer in the south, and Summatime is sure to transport you there!

One thing I love about creating new scents is the ability to take people places that make them stop and smile. For example, EKKO's Lush Linen makes you feel as if the sun-bleached linens are hanging on the line right in front of you. Ocean Breeze makes you feel as if the salty waves are crashing right in front of you. Summatime evokes the same feelings but with the beautiful scene of a hot summer evening. 

There are only a handful of these candles created, so be sure to grab one (or a few!) before the end of the month or before they sell out, whichever comes first. I just know this candle will light up your home and your heart!



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