NEW Candles for the Lovers

At the beginning of this year I was inspired to create scents that embodied the love and appreciation we had for loved ones in 2020. Scents that were calming, and home-y, yet still had that unique EKKO spin. Heart's Desire and Sure Love are finally available!

Heart's Desire is a wonderful combination of scents that equate to a light floral, yet deeply masculine scent all at the same time. With top notes of citrus and spiciness, middle notes of botanicals and very light florals, and bottom notes of amber and musk, this blend is perfect for any candle lover. I always strive to create scents I can see burning in the home's of many different customers, and this scent fully embodies that sentiment.

Sure Love is bound to be a new favorite EKKO candle of yours. This scent is a bit more romantic with an irresistible blend of mandarin, neroli flower and peony with warm bases of woods, amber and musk. When burning, the scent matches very well with the warm glow that EKKO candles exude.

These scents were created with you in mind, and wanting to appreciate the love we have for those around us. I hope you enjoy these two scents as much as I did making them!



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