New EKKO Scents Have Arrived

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Just like that crisp white button down or your favorite pair of worn-in jeans that you always reach for, that is the EKKO Candle Co. Original Collection. Classic and traditional, yet never going out of style. From the beginning I've been very sure of the vision for EKKO Candle Co. The packaging, the images, but especially the scents produced. There were eight scents that have danced around in my head these last three years, but it never felt like the perfect time to release them...until now. I'm thrilled to finally be able to introduce these eight new smells that I’ve added to the Original Collection! Let's meet our new friends, shall we?

Tennessee Waltz

Reminiscent of the days waltzing with your darling on a Tennessee evening.  A fresh scent with the faint lilt of honeysuckle and a warm base of musk. The perfect blend of feminine and masculine.

Tomato Leaf 

What once felt like a wildcard has quickly become one of the most popular scents!  Tomato Leaf captures the aroma of a true-to-life freshly crushed green tomato leaf blended with hints of lemon peel and fresh summer herbs. Green and herbal, yet light and airy, this scent is perfect for gardeners or cooks alike.

Anyone that knows me, knows that a cup of tea or my favorite iced-tea and an old leather-bound book is an everyday thing. So if you're anything like me, light your candle and smell the old leather and aged pages. 

This fun candle was created for your successful student to remind them of why they’ve worked so hard.  Two years ago, my sister, a professor of literacy at WKU, suggested a candle named Successful Student to reward the success of her students at the Burch Institute.  At this time when our students are working harder than ever to succeed, this seemed the perfect time to honor them.  Successful Student is a unique blend that evokes the smell of a new leather wallet and the hard earned money that your graduate will earn in the next phase of their life!

Sweet and simple, this new scent consists of top notes of freshly harvested grasses combined with the grounding notes of wild, sweet clover.  A distinctive sweet earthy scent for anyone with a love of nature and its beauty.

I still remember being a young girl sitting amongst the blooming cottonwood grove at this time of year. I wanted you to experience your own cottonwood tree with this candle. Cottonwood Tree has airy top notes of cotton blossom and citrus with light floral accents of rose and violet, grounded by sandalwood.

Picture sun-bleached linens hanging from the line. Lush Linen has a clean sweetness, infused with lemon and white tea, while sandalwood balances the airy quality of the fragrance for an upscale experience. 

Last but not least, a well-rounded fragrance that marries the notes of salty ozone with the aromas of fresh citrus.  Hints of violet and oak moss will sweep you away with this beachy fragrance. Who else needs a relaxing beach trip in their life?
I hope you have loved this journey into eight scents near and dear to my heart! Shop these scents now in the Original Collection!
Love and light,
Debbie DeJean

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