New In: Bamboo Arc Lighter

The way you light your candle sets the tone of your entire candle experience. You may like an old fashioned match for the smoky smell it gives off, or maybe your lighter acts as an accessory to your home. While I firmly believe in both methods, I truly can't get enough of our brand new Bamboo Arc Lighter!

Not only is this lighter sleek and modern looking, but it is truly the easiest and most enjoyable lighter experience you can have. Instead of running on lighter fluid it uses a battery and is sold with a USB cable for easy charging. Simply pull back on the silver arrow and watch the electric magic!

These lighters make the perfect gift for candle-loving friends, as well as a beautiful addition to your coffee table. I love seeing my bamboo lighter placed next to one of the wooden lid candles from the Summer Collection as it is a simple and beautiful touch to the home.



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