NEW SCENT: Mountain Mint

It may come as no surprise that creating and perfecting our Fall, Winter, Holiday Collection's scents are my absolute favorite thing to do. Each scent and container is selected with such care and goes past many people to make it into the collection. After many hours in the EKKO studio and feedback from our dear customers, we are so excited to introduce a brand new scent; Mountain Mint!

Mountain Mint is sure to be a favorite of yours this year with its blend of spruce, eucalyptus, peppermint, moss, cedar, amber, and cypress. This unique scent is both bright and refreshing, and warm and cozy all at the same time, like walking through the mountains on a chilly morning all bundled up. 

The inspiration behind creating a scent like this was actual mountain mint, a perennial wildflower known as "snow on the mountain" because it clusters in small white blossoms. This scent truly captures exactly what I dreamed it would, and I cannot wait to hear how much you love it! 



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