November Candle of the Month: Appletree

Ahh, November. The leaves are finally turning their bright shades of red, yellow, and orange and the weather is wonderfully crisp. I knew the November Candle of the Month was an important one as we are leading into the holidays, and there is nothing that reminds me of this glorious month quite like a fully bloomed apple tree.

Tennessee provides beautiful, colorful apple trees, and there is nothing quite like the scent of these trees. To capture its' notes in a candle I knew it needed to be simple, but also make a statement. To create Appletree, I used a blend of sweet honeycrisp apple, honey-like persimmon, and the spice of thyme. Appletree is a comfort to have burning in your home, and will make the perfect holiday gift, especially to let someone know how thankful you are for them!

Appletree is only available for the month of November in limited quantities.

Shop Appletree HERE.



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