Ocean Breeze in the Winter

Ever wished you could be somewhere warm and tropical even though its chilly and frosted outside? EKKO has a scent that will take you to that perfect vacay spot all year-round. Ocean Breeze in the Original Collection can do just that!

EKKO's Ocean Breeze is a well-rounded fragrance that marries the notes of salty ozone with the aromas of fresh citrus. Topped off with hints of violet and oak moss, Ocean Breeze will sweep you away with this beachy fragrance. 
One of the many wonderful scents from the Original Collection, this hand-poured, double-wicked, 100% soy wax candle will provide an aroma unlike any other throughout your entire home. The clean burn of this candle is both calming and beautiful, so, whether you're paying bills, doing homework, or cleaning your home, Ocean Breeze will help still your mind as if you are right there by the water.

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