Page Turned

What began as a candle scented like an old leather book with dusty pages has recently taken a new shape. A shape I feel the need to share with my customers and my friends.

To quote one of EKKO's amazing customers who said it best:

"I burned my EKKO candle this morning during my normal early routine. I noticed the title on the candle’s label is “Page Turned”. So appropriate for me personally but also for the world, nation and the great state of TN. Only people who are fond of candles (beyond their fragrance) can appreciate what their “light” represents!" - Debbie T.

This sentiment has stuck in my mind and holds so much truth in my heart - a page is turning right now in each and everyone's lives. I have found myself grabbing Page Turned to burn throughout the day because it is a soothing yet inspiring scent. Page Turned is my take on the smell of a historic library with smooth top notes of teakwood that give way to a heart of cedar and leather and grounded by sandalwood, dark musk, and patchouli. I've always associated smells with different times in my life, and Page Turned is currently bookmarked.
Whatever page is turning for you, my friend, whatever chapter is up next, I pray it is filled with so much light.
Debbie DeJean

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