Spring Scent Highlight: Sunshine

If you've shopped the EKKO Spring Collection already you know that I was very inspired by the sunshine this season. I wanted scents that truly captured the warmth and beauty we all feel when we get out of our homes and enjoy the weather, which brought forth Le Sunshine and Sundrenched Day.

How do you spend your sunny days? Maybe it's on the lake, or playing with your kids in the yard, or simply taking a stroll with your dog. Sundrenched Day is a bright citrus-y scent that reminds you of those wonderful sun-filled days. With berry blend and green accents as the top notes, lavender and lemongrass marrying the middle, and warm woods, golden amber, vanilla, and light musk as the base, this candle is such a unique and well-rounded blend.

Looking for a modern scent to burn this spring? Le Sunshine is a refreshing blend of fragrances that tell a story of warm sunshine and that smell of spring in the air. The beginning notes of citrus, sweet orange blossoms, red grapes, and a touch of clove feed into the center of jasmine, rose, geranium, and African violets. The dry down is warm and inviting; a sensuous blend of sweet woody lavender, sandalwood, and cedar wood. This is the perfect candle to give as a gift (just be sure to get one for yourself too!).

I hope as you burn these candles you feel the inspiration, warmth, and light that I did creating them!



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