The EKKO Studio

Behind the magic of your wonderfully-scented, beautifully glowing EKKO candle is a small studio in Nashville, TN where your candle has been poured with love. When I first started this little business my friends and I operated out of my kitchen spending days and night pouring the candles you have come to know and love. Eventually as the demand grew and wholesale accounts flourished I knew that my kitchen wouldn't cut it anymore, so I started thinking. I wanted a space that was private enough for small gatherings, but spacious enough to house all of the necessary materials for candle creation. I'm a homebody so I definitely wanted to keep it close, and I realized I had just the perfect space.


Back behind my home is a pool with a decent size pool house beside it. While this was usually used to house extra storage or my kids floats and basketballs, I decided that a little makeover would turn this place into where EKKO Candle Co. would call home. With a little rearranging of tables and chairs, a deep clean, and setting up all of the products, a new studio was created that was perfect for my small business. My "commute" to work isn't far, my team and friends that help me pour candles love the environment, and it's perfect for EKKO candle parties (see more on that HERE). Sometimes all it takes to create what is needed is by taking something old and making it new, which to me is all about what EKKO stands for! Not only are these scents created to remind you of the echoes of your past memories, but to create new echoes as the years go by.


This little space serves many purposes. Beyond just the pouring of candles, it is a place where prayer warriors come together, friends gather to celebrate and laugh, clients come to visit and it is a home for the heartbeat of some of my favorite memories. 


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