The "Manlier" EKKO Scents

If there is one thing I know about my customers at EKKO it's that you all have different scent-palettes! Some prefer floral scents, some more earthy, and some of you adore what I call the "manlier" scents. These scents are deep and musky, often with a hint of bourbon or leather. They compliment any room they are burned in and appeal to the men as well! Want to see a few of EKKO's manlier scents?

Bourbon Barrel

Bourbon Barrel is an intoxicating blend of bourbon with a lilt of cardamom, cassis and a dark woody base of oak and musk.  Smells like the wooden barrel that ages the finest bourbon.

Tobacco & Leather

Tobacco and Leather is a unique combination of coriander, clove, tobacco leaves, vintage leather and toasted oak. It is warm and inviting, just like your favorite blanket on a cozy night in.

Tuscan Cedarwood

Tuscan Cedarwood contains rich notes of suede, cedarwood, tobacco, amber, and patchouli. This  unique blend is a charming and smooth scent you will burn on repeat.


Vetiver is the perfect mix of earthy and manly. It is a rich oil obtained from the root of an Indian grass giving it a very natural scent. There are hints of lemon and sandalwood to truly bring it all together.

Vintage Leather

Vintage Leather smells exactly how you would think it would:  vintage leather, old money, new fame.  Picture yourself as vintage royalty while you burn this candle by your bubble bath.  This is one that you really can’t pass up.

Bourboned Tobacco

Bourboned Tobacco is a cedarwood and tobacco blend with rose petals for an extra sweet scent.  Also featured are Tonka beans and oak aged bourbon.

These are scents that have truly kept my customers coming back time and time again. Whether it is a gift for your husband, to burn in the master bathroom while taking a bath, or on the kitchen counter while entertaining guests, each of these candles will create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere. I hope you love them as much as I do!


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