The Original Collection Highlight

In an world of endless scent options, I set out to create a collection that would be available year-round in addition to seasonal and bespoke collections. The Original Collection exists for those who love classic, timeless scents that will enhance their home no matter the season. 

The Original Collection currently consists of 20 scents and when I say there is something for everyone, I mean it! For those who prefer more earthy scents I would suggest Basil, Sage, and Mint, Verbena & Lemon, or Lemon, Basil, and Olive. My manlier scent lovers will obsess over Tobacco & Leather, Southern Home, and Vintage Leather. And if you're looking for a light and refreshing scent, I suggest you try White Tea & Jasmine, Sweetgrass & Dandelion, or Citrus & Mint.

So whether you're ahead of the game and stocking up for Christmas gifts, or need a little something to brighten up your Work from Home space, check out the EKKO Original Collection for the best options!



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