Transitional Scents: From Winter to Spring

Certain scents will always remind you of certain times of the year - spiced apple yells autumn while sugared spruce oh so winter. I love when the new seasons meet and overlap, because it causes me to think about which scents fit into that season. Let's take a look through some of my favorites for both the snow and the sun we are experiencing in Nashville...

When creating the New Year scent I knew I wanted something that would be good through more than just the winter months. With it's peach undertones, New Year is a perfect combination of a sweet yet warm scent.

Ah, the scent that has been there from the beginning! Japanese Grapefruit is a custom scent that was made for all. A floral and fruity combination that is nice and springy, with a warm oak moss to get you through the colder nights.


The White Label, after my maiden name, contains the custom EKKO scent Gilt & Grace. A cozy, antique-like scent with notes of lavender to lighten it up will fill your home with the most perfect scent for this time.

Which one will you choose?



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