Transitional Scents - Summer to Fall

With the upcoming fall, winter and holiday EKKO collections release, I find myself reaching for the candles in the Original Collection that will ease me into autumn scents. Not only are these candles sold year-round, they are also fragrances that warm up your home and your heart. 

Bourboned Tobacco is the PERFECT scent for this time of year! A slightly rustic scent wrapped in warmth, this cedarwood and tobacco blend will remind you of watching the leaves turn orange around a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. It is a great scent for my bourbon drinkers, or those of us that wish we were!

Picture yourself on a cozy couch, under a warm blanket, drinking a cup of warm tea, and cuddled up with a good book. Page Turned personifies this image with a scent! This scent will carry you into the changing seasons with a sense of ease.

I have always found family traditions, especially around the holidays, to be an essential part of my life. Southern Home should be added to your traditions! This custom scent means a fire is crackling, both of my kids are home, and dinner in the oven. Southern Home blends sweet iced tea with apple and saffron, and a base of patchouli, amber and cedarwood. 


I can't wait to share this next collection with y'all, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy these wonderful transition scents!


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