Why Double Wicked and Self-Trimming Candles?

Have you ever sat and watched the way a candle burns? If yes, then you've seen one of two things: a clean and even burn with a layer of melted wax that reaches the edge of the container, or the candle not melting to the edges and forming a tunnel in the middle of the candle. I can always assure you when you purchase an EKKO Candle that is double-wicked with self-trimming wicks, you will enjoy a candle that burns beautifully.

For starters, putting two wicks in a candle means that every bit of wax will be burned all the way to the bottom. No more worries of one side melting quicker and burning unevenly.  Your EKKO candle will burn evenly and clean all the way through. Double wicks also means using two smaller, less hot wicks than one big wick in the center.  Smaller and less hot wicks means your candle will burn longer. 

Something a lot of people don't know is that it is suggested to trim the wick every time you light your candle.  Each and every EKKO Candle has self-trimming wicks. Yes, you read that right. Self-trimming wicks have a rigidity due to a specialty yarn fiber.  This speciality yarn, which is 100% natural fibers, creates a slight curl at the end of the wick, causing the wick to self-trim and also results in less carbon build up called mushrooming.  

Not only are your EKKO Candles made with love, they are also made with research to provide you the best and safest burning candle on the market. Now that you know, go grab some EKKO's!

Debbie DeJean

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