Why You Need Candle Accessories in Your Life

We all have matches and lighters laying around, but if you're a candle-lover there are many tools you can use to ensure your candles burn better as well as burn longer. The EKKO Candle Accessories have each of the essentials you need to get the most out of the candles you love!

One of my personal favorite tools in this set is the candle dipper. You've probably noticed (and disliked) that blowing your candles out causes smoke to appear. When you use the dipper and lightly dip the wicks in the melted wax there is no smoke!

Wick trimmers are the perfect way to ensure the wicks stay nice, healthy, and able to burn well. Before lighting your candle each time I suggest trimming 1/4" of wick off to ensure that the wick burns cleanly and doesn't causes any extra residue while burning.

If you've never tried an Arc lighter it truly is a game changer. Instead of running out of lighter fluid, this lighter only has to be plugged into the USB port, charged, and it is ready to light away. The Candle Accessories come with both the beautiful gold lighter and portable USB cord.

Lastly, this set comes with a beautiful glass tray that will truly compliment your home and provide an elegant place for your candle care essentials. With a clear center and gold trimming, you will adore this piece as it ties the whole set together.

I suggest surprising a friend who loves candles with the Candles Accessories from EKKO! It's hard to guess which scents people will love, so wow them with a set that will keep their candles burning longer.

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