White Label - Two Designs

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In an antique store, I once wondered aloud to my friend, what has happened to the days of gilt and grace?  The containers chosen for the White Label candle are a glass with a wavy pattern and a geometric pattern of white texture and translucent gold glass giving off a beautiful, mesmerizing dance when the flame is lit.  The swirl container contains our custom fragrance, Gilt & Grace - a blend of lavender and geranium which highlight the warm, cozy notes of cedar, mahogany and suede that fill a well-loved home. The geometric container contains our best selling Tennessee Waltz - a fresh scent with the faint lilt of honeysuckle and a warm base of musk, enhanced with jasmine blossoms, tonka, amber, anise, red currant, and black tea. Sold individually, and stunning in pairs. This is our trademark double-wicked, self-trimming 100% soy candle in a gift box. 10 oz. net weight