The White Label Highlight

A few seasons ago I began to develop a line of candles and containers that would be produced in limited quantities, which is what you now know as the Bespoke Collection. Each piece in this collection holds a special place in my heart (and in my home), but one of my favorites will always be the White Label.

The White Label candle is in a beautiful glass container with a wavy pattern of white texture and translucent gold glass giving off a beautiful, mesmerizing dance when the flame is lit. This candle embodies elegance and beauty. When selecting the scent of the candle I wanted to choose something from the Original Collection that truly appeals to all customers. Gilt & Grace is a scent that both men and women adore, so it was the obvious choice! The White Label comes in a custom EKKO gift box, so it makes for a great gift for a loved one.

Another reason this candle means a lot to me is the name comes after my maiden name, White. Both the scent and the name remind me of what a well-loved home is, and I hope this candle shares that same feeling with you! 

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